During the congress there is the possibility for all the registered participants to visit the following exhibitions:

Exhibition curated by Roberto Corazzi

OPA, Centro Arte e Cultura – Piazza San Giovanni, 7

March 19-23, 2012

9.00 – 18.00 (on Friday 9.00-16.00)

/Entrance free/

By Roberto Corazzi

The exhibition presents the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore – its history and investigations which have determined its geometric structure and the composition of the materials Brunelleschi employed in its creation. It describes the procedures used and the most advanced technologies used to investigate the interior of the inner and outer domes which comprise the work. The exhibition is divided into sections focused on the progress of investigations, exposition of various models of machines designed by Brunelleschi, historical and current photographs of the most scenic spots of the Cupola and finally patterns and pictures of other domes. The exhibition is accompanied by audiovisual documentaries.

In collaboration with:

Soprintendenza dei Beni Culturali, OPA – Opera di S. Maria del Fiore, University of Florence,  University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Museo delle Scienze in Florence, Conservazione e restauro oggetti d’Arte (Fedeli)

Exhibition curated by Saverio Mecca and Letizia Dipasquale
Photographs by Luca Lupi

Palazzo Medici Riccardi – Via Cavour, 3

March 17-24, 2012

9.30 – 18.00, Wednesday closed

/Entrance free with the congress badge/

Photo: Luca Lupi

The arid climate has dominated the character of northern Syria for millennia, a determining factor for settlement, architecture, building culture, use of land. The different populations inhabiting these regions down the millennia have had to restrict their living and develop strategies to deal with climatic uncertainties, and chiefly with the supply and availability of clean drinking water. The earthen dome habitats express this exceptional fluctuating culture of uncertainty.

This exhibition, based on the results of the project “Coupoles et habitats. Une tradition constructive entre Orient et Occident” (funded by the European Union Culture 2000 programme), is proposing an original analysis and documentation of this unique architectural heritage. The photographs of Luca Lupi, official photographer of the project, are an ideal introduction to the world of earthen dome villages in Northern Syria.

In collaboration with:

Provincia di Firenze and University of Florence

Photographic Exhibition

Caffè Astra al Duomo –  Via de’ Cerretani 56r

8.00 – 20.00

/Entrance free/

Photo: S. M. Mousavizade

The exhibition in the Congress Caffé Astra al Duomo presents a selection of the most beautiful photos sent to the organizers by the congress participants and universities students all around the world.

The authors of exhibited the photos are: Paolo Bertalotti, Maria Chiara Bonora, Mario Alberto Chiorino, Jane Evans, Hei Yin Fung, Fereshteh Hassani, Kirsten Hoving, Guy Malaysia, Basil Manoj, Ana Susan Mathew, Seyed Masoud Mousavizade, Jolanda Scelfo, Svitlana Smolenska, Natalya Tatevosyan, Kari Thomsen, Davor Uglesic and Franco Zampetti.

In collaboration with:

Auditorium al Duomo, Florence

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