Photogallery of the congress

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2 Responses to “Photogallery of the congress”

  • Gisoo Ghaem:

    I hope you are fine. All was good. And also Florence is so much a beautiful city. Thank you for photos.

  • Dr. Jawdat Goussous:

    Indeed, very well done to you, Mr.Paolo Del Bianco, and your wonderful staff, it was brilliantly organised, conference.

    When I got back to jordant my friends and colleagues asked me whether I had enjoyed the conference. When I actually thought about that question, I realised that I have never been to a conference that I have enjoyed so much*. So thank you!

    *The talks, the people, the atomosphere, the blogging (could not get away from it!), the venue….all superb. Thanks again!hoping to see you again ….arrivederci

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